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From: T Chase
Subject: Collecting Things 14The following story is a work of fiction set in the format of reality. Any
resemblance to real people is entirely coincidental in nature, and is not
meant to accurately reflect persons in towns, cities, or governmental
areas, Preteen Nn in which the story is staged. If sexual scenes involving male to
male relationships offends you, then you should not read this story.
Additionally, if you are under 18 years of age, in most states and
countries, you are not allowed to read this by law. This is fiction. Don’t
forget, in real life, to think about ’sexual safety matters’; got condom?”Collecting Things” 14
wriTten by T. Chase McPhee%”Aaaah, that swim was mighty refreshing after being in that hot, sweaty
dungeon, Jim.”"Yeah, but ready to get all sweated up against, Paul?” Jim Rettinger
remarked, his hand on Paul Klinghoffen’s shoulder, as he led him down the
stairs to his playroom.”Hmm, mind if I work Kevin here a little before we get down to business,
Jim?”"Whatever your pleasure, Paul.”"Think I’ll move him to the bondage table. More fun to work those globes of
his.”What Paul Klinghoffen didn’t realize is that Jim Rettinger had retained the
services of Justin Baylor, the twenty-four year old college student, whom
worked this night for double his regular pay. With coy repose, after Jim
helped secure Kevin to the bondage table, he stepped out of the way.”Yeah, you go back to your easy chair and let me play!” Klinghoffen said,
with a vote of confidence.As Jim sat there, watching Klinghoffen torture Kevin, he stroked his meat,
thinking how much fun he was going to have, working Klinghoffen’s body
over. Jim’s private monitor made him stroke and finger his cock and balls,
as he watched Klinghoffen clamp Kevin’s nips, stretch them out above his
chest, then circle his globes with a rope, attach a weight and drop it.”Ooooooooooooh,” Jim sighed, as he heard Kevin scream out, his balls
stretching away from his cock.Justin managed to capture the image from an overhead reflection, with that
of Paul Klinghoffen’s face, as he laughed with pleasure, stroking his
meat. Justin, sly in his own right, thought of how his tuition would be
covered, bribing Klinghoffen with the duplicate copy. Maybe Jim knew
something even Justin didn’t know!%”Felt wonderful, Rex.”"Yeah, but I don’t want you to forget what I told you Michael.”"I know, but it’s going to be tough fucking a guy and then think of you,
Rex.”"Would it make you feel any better if you fucked a guy in front of me?”"What do you mean Rex?”"Hey, there’s no reason why we can’t have threesomes with Tom once in
awhile, Michael.”"Tom? You really like him, don’t you Rex?”"He’s cute.”"He’s more than cute now, confess.”"Confess? Oh no!”"What?”"Kevin, that’s what!”"Oh shit! I forgot all about him!”%”Excellent entertainment, Paul,” Jim said, a hand on his shoulder.”It seemed like a neverending cycle. Here, Jim gave Paul the upperhand, to
have some fun, at Kevin’s expense. Justin Baylor, filming the whole thing
now rattled in chains, a ballgag in his mouth.”Now Preteen Nn all we have to do, is to get Kevin to sign those papers, Paul!”"Ooooh and I was having so much fun, Jim.”"Oh don’t worry, Paul. I’m sure you and I will be having lots more fun!”As soon as the two loosened Kevin from his bondage, they had to walk the
twenty-six year old, setting him down on the bench in front of the
‘confession table’. Klinghoffen, 6′3 and two hundred and fifteen pounds,
stood behind Kevin, steadying him with his firm hands on his shoulders, to
keep his tortured body from waving about.”He’s still got a lot of play left in him, you know.”"Oh, I know, Paul.”After Kevin signed the papers, his hand having needed some guidance, Jim
said, “Well, that takes care of that. Now, Paul,” Jim hesitated.Three men, clothed in black uniforms, security logo patches, on their
shoulders, approach. Two take Kevin right away, his tormented, tired Preteen Nn body,
dragging to the floor, laying it out, his arms flop above his head.”Now, if you’ll take your seat, Paul?”"Me? Huh? What do you mean, Jim?”Jim didn’t wait for Paul to make up his mind. He gives the order, “Take
him!”Like Paul wanted with Kevin, Jim wanted to have a little play time, before
getting down to business, signing some agreements. Too bad Kevin didn’t
read the fine print. He would be leaving Jim’s ownership, headed right into
that of another slave owner’s lair. In fact, the legal paper, Jim didn’t
read, but signed just for the pain to terminate, in reality said that Jim
was selling Kevin for the sum of five thousand dollars.”Yeah, tie him tight. I can’t wait to break you, Paul!”Paul tried to protest, but the ballgag kept him from complaining. Not that
it would make a difference, where Jim Rettinger was concerned. Jim’s cock
leaked, watching the forty-two year old struggle in Preteen Nn
his binds, as the
security guards attached him to the big ‘X’-shaped apparatus.”I’ve always admired your massive, worked out body,
Klinghoffen. Mmmmm… aren’t those abs going to be fun, turning them to
mush?”Klinghoffen struggled, but as it stood, his arms and legs, bounded to
conform to the crosspieces of the ‘X’, afforded him no luxury of moving
about.”Hans?”"Yes, sir,” A tall blond replied.”How would you like the pleasure of sinking your fist into those abs?”"I’d like that sir.”"You’ll Preteen Nn find some chaps on the rack over there.”Smiling a wide grin, hans began unbuttoning his shirt, as he walked towards
where Jim pointed.”What about us?”The dark haired one, now standing to Jim’s right asks, “Alright if Greg and
I play a little?”"You and Greg?”"Yeah,” Preteen Nn Greg replies, “Reed likes it rough sometimes. Alright if we strip
down and have some fun?”"Reed huh?”"Yes, sir,” Reed Martin replies, “Not that I’ve ever done any of Preteen Nn this stuff
before.” Then he added, “Ever since high school, I’ve been what they call a
‘wannabe’.”"Sure, you boys go along and have some fun,” Jim gave them his permission.In his mind, Jim was already thinking that if Reed showed him some hot
action, he’d consider it part of his audition, for the thirty-something
year old.”How do I look?”"Nice. Very nice, Hans.”In fact, Jim loved the look of the tall blond, muscled and decked out in
the leather garb, the black leather silhoueteed nicely against his bright
skin.”Maybe you would like a replacement for the ‘big man’, sir?”"Let’s see what you can do with those fists, Hans and then I’ll decide.”"Yes, sir!” Hans said energetically, situated himself in front of Paul
Klinghoffen. As he probed the forty-two year old’s abs, with his
fingertips, he commented, “Nice and hard.. yeah, just what I like… a man
who knows how Preteen Nn to take care of himself!”Thinking the same thoughts, Jim smiled after checking the Preteen Nn stats of Hans
Bucholst, on his computer terminal. He read over the stats to himself,
‘Thirty-one, six foot, one, hundred ninety-five’, Jim thought to himself,
‘it doesn’t have to tell me that he works out, to keep in shape!’ The last
stat that interested him was the cock size; 9.5c. Makes for good ‘fucking
footage’! However, something else popped up on the screen. ‘What the fuck
is this?’ The automatic ‘people-search’ feature began to override his
selection, revealing some personal thoughts about one, Hans Bucholst’, aka
‘Carson Peterson’.Watching the computer spit out the information in front of him, Jim
Rettinger thanked the computer genius, a boy he once owned a couple of
years back, for installing the high tech program. ‘So, Hans, you’re not
exactly whom you assume to be. Well, we’ll see about that!’%”Um, are you sure you know how to get there, Michael?”Michael told them all to ’shut up’, as he drove the estate van down the
winding road. In the back, Ben and John had manned the shovel and pick,
just in case Michael needed some backup. Along for the rescue, Tom, Rico,
Philip, and Steve sat, taking on the curves in the road, careening their
bodies to the left and right, as Michael tore through the countryside.”No, you should’ve made a turn back there, Michael,” Tom said.Everyguy in the van suffered instant whiplash, as Michael backtracked,
putting the vehicle in reverse.”Next time we go rescuing anybody,” Tom said, “I’m nominating Rex as
driver.”They all seconded it, Michael telling them all to ’shut up’!%”How about a nice iced beer before you warm up those fists, Hans?”Hans didn’t see any harm in a few fast glugs, before the long slug. It
actually would be a good stall, while his ‘informant-friends’, Reed and
Greg, notified the authorities.”Here’s to our new relationship! Bottom’s up!”It didn’t Preteen Nn take long for the beer additive to take it’s effect on Hans. Jim
was there on hand, to help break his fall to the pavement.”On boy… are you going to be a lot of fun, Hans. Thanks for dropping in!”Jim laughed, as he lay the tall blond thirty-one year old out on the
bondage table. He secured some black, leather cuffs around his wrists and
them connected them to the stretching bar, at the top of the convertible
table. In an instant, a whirring motor could transform it into a stretching
rack.”Ooooooooooohhhh…. awesome!” Jim stuttered, peeling the chaps down, as
the soft meat and rather large balls revealed themselves.He discarded the boots and chaps right there on the floor, then proceeded
to cuff Hans’, aka Carson’s, ankles in the same leather bracelets.”Comfortable?” Jim joked, looking at the six foot one hunk, lay out on the
table. “What a shame that I’m going to have to mark up that handsome body!”Pressing a button, he watched as Hans’/Carson’s feet pulled on the rest of
his body, drifting towards the foot of the bondage table. Soon his legs lay
there straight as straws. The pressure made his arms straighten out, as his
back dragged on the leather furniture. Soon, Jim stood satisfied that
Carson’s/Han’s body had reached the apex of tautness.”Oh man… these are going to be a lot of fun!”Fondling Carson’s/Han’s big globes he twisted them viciously.%”Isn’t that it?”"Yeah, that’s Preteen Nn it, Michael,” Tom replied, breathing down Michael’s neck,
from the back seat.”That’s strange.”"What is Michael?”Then, as if carrying on a private conversation with Tom, Michael asks,
“Don’t you see it?”"See what?”"The day I came for Kevin’s punishment, the place was crawling with
security.”"Heeey, yeah. Like you said, Michael, where is it?”"Hey now, where are you going?” Michael questioned.Hearing Rex’s door click open, his feet hit the ground before Michael could
snatch at Rex’s shirt, clawing it in his hand.”Hey, you don’t think you’re going in there alone, Michael, especially
after what I’ve heard?”"Yeah, we’re all with you, Michael!” his brother Philip replied.As if Peter Pan, his gang stuck with him, as Michael viewed the others,
Ben, John, Steve, Philip, Rico and Tom, standing there.”No way. I’m going in alone,” Michael said.”C’mon guys,” Rex commanded his legions.Michael threw up his hands, in disgust.”Shut up, Michael. They’ll hear us coming!” Rex replied to his complaining.The little band rounded their way around every nook and cranny, never
coming in contact with security.”I don’t believe that nobody’s coming to get us.”"Why’s that, Tom?” Rex asks.”Because the security cameras are on. See Preteen Nn
that?”They all look up, as a small camera switches direction, the direction they
are taking, rounding a corner.”Hey, look! I’m on TV!”They all yell at once, “Steve!”"Sorry guys,” Steve says, Philip taking his arm, to keep track of him.Finally Preteen Nn they reach the door ‘in’.”Wow! Now this is totally unreal!”"What is Tom?” Michael asks.”The door… it’s fuckin’ unlocked!” After they Preteen Nn enter, Tom says, “This
way.”He leads them down a quiet corridor. In fact, the whole place resembles a
spooky mansion, the only sound being a distant, ticking clock. Like the
gang from Scooby-doo, they hang on one another, as Tom leads them along.”Tom?” One voice questions, as he opens the door.”Tom? Where ya been?”The ones entering the room, squint at the bright light, taking in view the
’skin’ in front of them.”Never mind me. Where’s Kevin?”One of the boys, a tanned skin youth, totally naked, except for his hairy,
brown chest and trail that leads down to his thick bush, replies, “They
took him down to the dungeon, we think.”"We’ve got to get to Kevin. He could be in big trouble!”"Who are you?” One of the unclothed youths asks Ben.”I’m Ben and you’re cute!”Nineteen year old Douglas, smiles.”Hey, no time for flirting Ben. That’s not what we came for, remember?” Rex
intervenes.”Which direction to the dungeon, Tom?”"This way, though I’m not really sure. I was blindfolded for part of the
way.”"Wait!” Rex yelled out, taking something from the belly bag, attached
around his middle.”Rex, what the fuck? I don’t think this is hardly the place, nor the time
for something like this?”However, Michael cuts his brother Philip off, saying, “Um, little bro, like
lay off?”"But Michael, it’s like….”Frustrated at his brother’s reasoning, both verbally and giving him a
noogie, Philip backed down, letting Rex arrange all of them for a digital
pic.”Hee heee.. good one, Michael!” Rex replied, taking a pic of Michael with
his bro wedged in his elbow, getting the noogie, both with a forced smile
on their faces.”Um, make sure it goes in our family pix collection, Rex?”"Yeah, no problem,” Rex agreed, as they broke formation.They all paraded out of the room, that looked like a temporary hold, like a
bedroom without the beds. As Michael and Tom led the way, they all followed
in close contact.%”Coming round are we?” Jim said, looking at Carson’s beautiful body.”Whaaaa. what is this?”"Hmm… just what I’m thinking, Mr. Peterson… Carson Peterson, isn’t it?”Carson could see that there was no hope in lying to Jim Rettinger. He could
only play along, buying time.”So, what are you? CIA? FBI?”"I’m Carson Peterson.”"Oh, a stubborn one, huh? Love it!”"Akkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!” Carson screamed out, as the leather strap came
down across his balls.He moaned, trying to lift his head, as he looked at his defenseless globes,
a piece of wood under them, propping them up.”As you were saying, Carson?”He flopped his head back down to the soft, leather bondage table.”Akkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk! Akkkkkkkkkkk! Akkkk!” The agent screamed, as Jim
brought the leather strap repeated down, lashing Carson’s sensitive balls,
crushing them each time between the force of the lash and the rough piece
of wood.”So, what do you say, Hans? Carson, I mean?”"I am Carson Peterson and that’s all you’ll get out of me!” He replied,
adamantly.”Oh, I’ll be getting a lot more out of you, believe me, Carson! Haaa ha ha
ha haaa ha!”Before Carson could render an intelligible noise, the rein of Jim’s fury
let loose, pounding Carson’s unprotected balls. Carson pulled at the
bindings that stretched his limbs, as his balls became like the sun, fiery
and burning. He cried out in unimaginable pain, taking the fury of the
punishment. At the same time as whipping the huge orbs, swelling moment by
moment, Jim held off the blonde’s cock, stroking it to the rhythm of the
pain. Though all of his training for his position as an agent, he never
encountered the response of pain mixed with pleasure. It began to capitvate
his senses. However, after a battering experience, the pain won out.”Now, are you ready to talk, Carson? No? Good. I was hoping so! Heee he he
heee heee!”Jim returned to the wall cupboard, picking up a nasty looking set of
clamps. Reporting back to Carson, he opened the jaws of the menacing
looking clips. He showed them to Carson, right in full view, using them
like little puppets, talking to each other.”Hee heee… wait til these are on your nips, Carson. Without anything to
grab onto, they make no noise, but wait til they dig into your
nipmeat…. yeah that’s when the little devils really begin to make some
noise! Haa ha ha ha ha!”Carson thought of cursing Rettinger out, but he decided instead to face up
to the matter of his evitable torture.As if to prolong the Preteen Nn process of adhering the little shark-biters to
Carson’s nips, Jim first began hardening them up with his Preteen Nn finger and
thumb. Carson held back any sound, until one of Jim’s hands folded around
his 9.5c handle and began stroking it.”Yeah, I knew you would like that, Carson. Sensitive nips and a sensitive
shaft go together real nice. Wouldn’t you agree?” Jim Rettinger smiled a
wide grin.Carson kept his cool, except for the occasional sigh, which he tried like
hell to suppress. He winced, closing his eyes at the pleasure Jim extracted
from him. As if pure pain, Carson kept on Preteen Nn
trying to arch his back, but in
the taut, stretched out position, he found it tough to do.Jim saw his chance at changing the tide, smiling, as he saw Carson slip
under his spell. His eyes closed, as he stroked the slick shaft, glistening
with oozed out goo, he stopped his nip massaging action. Very quickly, he
exchanged his finger and thumb for one of the nip clamps. Opening the
razor-sharp jaws, he pinched the tension of the clamps open. Then he
quickly surrounded Carson’s primed nip in between the jaws and let go.”Akkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkooooooohfuck!” Carson screamed.With what little slack his bondage position afforded, Carson bucked,
throwing his head from side to side, as if beating his own ears against his
arms.Rettinger smiled a toothy grin, as he still stroked Carson’s fully erect
9.5c.”I knew you’d like that… now for an encore!”Taking the other nipclamp in his hand, he stretched it out fully so that it
pulled tautly upwards, taking Carson’s clipped nip with it. He went through
the painful nightmare again, but something kept Carson in tabs with
reality, at the continued stroking of his pleasure tool.Without the dramatic announcement, Jim surrounded Carson’s other piece of
sharkbait, with the jagged edges of the clamp and let go. Jim thought at
one point Preteen Nn
that the strong leather bindings wouldn’t hold the strong body
down, but he began to continue ‘taming’ the painful side, with making sure
Carson’s shaft leaked the necessay lube.%”Are we there yet?”"Shut up, Steve!” More than one of Rex’s band shouted.”You’re name’s Steve?” One of the bare-buttocked boys asked.”Yeah. Why?”"Nuthin’. You’re kind of cute.”"I am?” Steve replied.Philip quickly grabbed Steve’s arm, to lead him along, not ready to give up
on his studmuffin. Rex quickly snapped a pic of Philip’s actions, to add to
the family photo collection.”This is it!”"Are you sure Tom?”"Yeah, he’s right. I think this is the way we went when Jim brought all of
us masters down to the dungeon.”"I thought you looked familiar,” Frank said to Michael.”Yeah,” Roberto said, “weren’t you there the night they branded Kevin?”Michael, instead of feeling proud of himself, like he felt when being
surrounded by a group of masters, cringed of the thought of being with a
bunch of bottom boys.”He was there and now he’s sorry he ever witnessed such a barbaric act,
aren’t you Michael?” Rex helped to dispose of the rumors of Michael having
a good time.”Yeah,” he said solemnly.”Now,” Rex, the more adamant of all of them, boasted, “let’s get moving so
we can save Kevin and anybody else that might be in harm’s way.”"Cool,” Cole, the eighteen year old, that had tried to pick up Steve, said.As they walked, Douglas, right nextdoor to Cole’s age, began to complain,
“I didn’t know that stuff like that went on. Shit! Branding guys? They’re
aloud to do that?”Twenty-five year old Roberto says, “If I knew that this was all for real, I
would’ve never had pursued this slavery stuff. I hope Kevin’s alright.”All the boys, clothed and unclothed, agreed with the idea that Roberto put
to fromer ‘wannabees’. Rex took some shots of the boys, ones he new and
some of them he was still sketchy on the names. Later, when he made up the
‘Rescue Collection’, he would ask who’s who.”This is the door, isn’t it Tom?”"Is it metallic?”"Yeah.”"Try it. I think. There’s only other metal door in the place and that leads
to the refrigerator.”"Don’t I know it?” twenty-two year old Jason says, “almost froze to death,
inside one time!”Now wasn’t the time to hear Jason’s story, but they all showed concern.%Carson lay there on the bondage table, faced contorted, not sure whether he
called this torture or pure pleasure. Rettinger had placed the center of
the chain, connecting Carson’s nips, clad in the sharptoothed clips, on a
hook, dangling from a chain. With a push of a button, the chain rose
towards the ceiling, creating a pull that would both, stretch Carson’s nips
higher above his chest, and at the same time, tighten the biting metal,
squeezing his nips. All through the process, Jim stroked his dripping
shaft.”Yeah, you want to cum bad, don’t you Carson?”At this point, Carson, delirious with the painful abuse his pecs suffered,
but the excruiating beautiful pleasure his oozing cock betrayed in him, he
did want to cum and bad. However, he didn’t say anything that would signify
that to Rettinger. Everything that he learned in ’spy school’ counteracted
what he felt now. He really wondered if it interested Rettinger in deriving
information from him or did he torture him for the purpose of turning him
into a pain pig?%”He look familiar, Rex?”"My father!”There, in front of them, barely able to reach the floor, stood Rex’s
father. His arms, stretched high above his head, made his husky body seem
fairly well distributed with weight. Rex stare at Michael ‘addressing’ his
father. With the digital cam in limbo, Philip easily acquires it from Rex,
taking some pics of the eighteen year old, peering up at his nuded, bound
body.Michael slapped his face, saying, “Malcolm?”"Mi… Michael?” The father spoke, then after spotting his son, “Rex?”He didn’t know where it came from, but out of nowhere, Rex said, “We came
to rescue you, dad!”Rex suddenly realized that this wasn’t any online slave story. This here
was real life and it’s the scenario he didn’t want his father involved
in. The little boy in him was waking up to reality.Suddenly, from the bowels of Rettinger’s dungeon they heard,
“Oooooooohhhhh…akkkkkkkkk! Akkkkkkkkkkkkk! Ooooh!”The combination of pain, mixed with the sexual pleasure, bellowed, as the
men rushed ahead, from where the human sounds came from.”What’s this Michael? Bring some friends to play with?”It seemed like a stalemate, yet still the essence of danger, as they all
stood around the bondage table. What a sight to see, as Carson Peterson lay
there, tight as a skin over a drum, his nips clipped and stretched and
instead of sighing with uncontrolled pain, the opposite prevailed. He
sighed alright, but his pleasure was derived from the metal pinchers on his
nips and the white cum sprayed on his chest, stomach and Jim Rettinger’s
hand, still wrapped around his knob, the skeletal digits also
cum-covered. Philip took pics, as if a papparazzi photographer snapping up
dozens of pix of Robby Genepri’s cum-covered hand, holding Chris Evans’
blasted eruption.Carson still moaned, “Oooh yeah…. oh yeaaah….”Steve half-kidding, remarked, “Wait till you take them off… this Preteen Nn guy’ll
change his tune real fast!”The unclothed guys looked at Preteen Nn Steve, as Philip checked out the other guys’
reactions, staring at different features, both on the table and around the
circle of skin. He thought of how fun Rex’s idea of collections of specific
photo composition, of making up his own collection, adding a chapter of his
own, to the ‘Rescue Collection’.Steve replied, “Hey, been there, done that!”Rettinger picked up on Steve’s comment, saying, “Hmmm… care to trade
places?” Referring to releasing Carson and slamming Steve’s bod down on the
bondage rack.One person remained aloof from the masculine crowd, around the table.Sitting on the floor, Ben had opened his crotch, to cradle Kevin’s
back. Using his own stomach as a cushion, he cuddled the twenty-six year
old, saying, “You’re going to be alright, man… you’re going to be
alright.”Philip thought what a touching scene, taking snaps of the scene from all
angles, actually lying down on the floor, next to Ben and Kevin, to try to
get Ben’s crotch reaction, to holding the tortured and sore twenty-six year
old in in lap, bracing him up against his body. Yeah, Philip was on a
natural high, one hand on the push-button and the other hand pushing his
own buttons, on his crotch.”So, where do we go from here?” Jim Rettinger inquired, knowing that life,
as he knew it, was ending.Michael, standing with hands on his hips, looked down at his bro, splayed
out on the floor. The digital cam, idle, got plucked from Philip’s hand.”Heeeeeeey bro! I’m trying to make some memories here!”"Yeah, I’m sure your cock will never forget!”Philip didn’t mind giving up the cam to Michael, as Steve began unzipping
Philip’s jeans, his mouth already salivating. Michael captured the tender
moment, for the ‘Sardi Family Collection’.%continued……… Copyright 2005 T. Chase McPhee All Rights Reserved. Permission is NOT granted to publish
this story to any PAY site, nor any site
other than www.nifty.org, without the
author’s prior consent.
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